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    Chris Dei is an award-winning fine art photographer whose tribal and wildlife images echo the startling beauty of a disappearing world. Whether an intimate encounter with the wild eyes of a lion or a sweeping shot of white wings and storm drenched skies, each work is a doorway into the simultaneous vitality and mystery of vast and magical lands. Her signature sepia tones and old world touch transport us into a time where nature’s balance and perfection were as yet unmarred.

    One of the few fine art wildlife photographers today, Chris’s work lifts the art of wildlife photography to new heights—she has created a portal back in time, a haunting entry-point into the timelessness of nature. When standing before one of Chris’s elegantly framed pieces, it’s virtually impossible to tell if it was shot at the turn of the century or in this modern age. Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa and is featured in the permanent art collection of The Bennington Center for the Arts, and the Herlufsholm in Denmark, as well as in private collections of celebrities around the world. It is noteworthy that her work consistently places in the semifinals and finals of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the largest wildlife photography competition in the world held annually in London.

    In addition to her wildlife work, Chris’s ability to capture the vital energy of a group, and the quintessence of a person, makes her highly sought after as a portrait photographer. She has worked on major digital projects for The Philadelphia Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, The JFK Center for the Performing Arts and many of the world’s most renowned performing concert artists. Originally trained as a classical guitarist and pianist in Europe and the U.S., Chris brings a lifetime of creative experience and artistic insight to her work, immediately apparent to artists, collectors and art lovers from all corners of the globe.

    Chris is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association, and a passionate advocate of environmental and wildlife conservation. Her photography is an act of conservation in itself, and thus she has recently been awarded a signature membership in Artists for Conservation—a highly selective and prestigious group of the most renowned wildlife and nature artists in the world.

    Camera in hand, Chris has traveled from New York to Europe, and on to some of the most remote and challenging areas of the planet—from rainforests on the Orinoco River in Venezuela to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. When she first arrived in Africa however, she knew she had found her calling. She fell in love its people, its astonishing wildlife, and its vast primordial beauty. Africa became her passion and her life’s mission. Her work in Kenya and Tanzania continues to receive international attention and wide critical acclaim.